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APPE Required Community Rotations Selection due by Tues Jan 23rd at 12 pm (noon)

On CORE ELMS. Results will be released at 12 pm on Thurs Jan 25th.

January 22, 2018 0

Important APPE information regarding emails for CORE Elms, OEE

This message is from Francine regarding your CORE Elms Primary email. “Student’s primary email in CORE must be Other emails can only be used for a secondary email. Please do not change your primary email from your University of Toronto account. Thank you- Office of Experiential Education.” Also, Francine has said that the only…
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November 9, 2017 0

APPE Rankings must be submitted by Nov 10th

The deadline for Updating your CORE ELMS Account Information is November 10th 2017. This is essential for adding information about your preferred region(s) to do your placement in, as well as your selection for what type of rotation and specialty you’d like to do in each block (e.g. Block 1 in hospital for Emergency Department).…
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October 23, 2017 0

IMPORTANT: Mandatory APPE Event Registration

The Office of Experiential Education invites students from 1T9 to the APPE Information Session: Part One and Part 2. Students must sign up for one of the following on event-brite, which has been sent via your utoronto email. These session are meant to prepare students for their upcoming APPE rotations. A reminder that ATTENDANCE for…
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October 23, 2017 0

Next APPE Lecture on Friday October 13th (9 am – 10 am)

Lecture will be on more information for APPEs, and will take place in B150. Coffee and snacks will be provided (like last time)

September 29, 2017 0

APPE Information Lecture on Friday, September 29th at 9:10 am (B150)

Presentation will be on Friday, September 29th at 9:10 am to 10 am in B150. The lecture will focus on information for planning of APPEs, matching timelines, OEE information session dates, and the APPE course we will take in the Winter 2018 semester.

September 26, 2017 0